Lonza Group Ltd. Privacy Policy

Lonza Group Ltd. and its affiliates (collectively and individually, the “Lonza Group”) is concerned about its users and protection of their private information. Accordingly, Lonza Group has created this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”). Lonza Group strongly encourages each of its users to take the time and become familiar with this Policy, as it applies to the services offered by Lonza Group (the “Services”).

In the event that Lonza Group desires to use a user’s personal information in a manner beyond those set forth in this Policy, Lonza Group will provide you with notice and the opportunity to “opt-out” of such purposes by sending an email to privacyofficer@lonza.com.

Modifications to the Policy
Lonza Group reserves the right to change the its Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time; provided, however, that Lonza Group will not provide less rights to you under any future version than appears here. The most recent version of the Policy can be found by accessing this link: Legal Disclaimer. Lonza Group encourages all users to bookmark this page and check it occasionally for updates. The current version of this Policy can always be found at the end of the document. Lonza Group will endeavor to maintain all prior versions of this Policy.

Personal information
When a user creates a Lonza Group account, the user will be required to provide certain personal information (including, without limitation, your full name, email address, account name, account password or other payment information). Lonza Group may take this information and integrate it with other information submitted by the user, other information in the possession of Lonza Group or other information from third parties in order to provide the richest user experience while using the Services. While Lonza Group takes appropriate measures to provide accuracy in the handling of personal information, Lonza Group relies entirely on its users to maintain correct personal information and to update this information as appropriate.

Personal information is utilized by Lonza Group only as set forth in this Policy and in order to provide Services to users, including, without limitation, delivering enhanced Services and demonstrating functionality of the Services. Lonza Group may also use personal information submitted to send you information on products and promotions.

Lonza Group is concerned about a user’s personal information. Therefore, Lonza Group will only share a user’s personal information under limited scenarios. Those scenarios include: (i) in accordance with this Privacy Policy; (ii) Lonza Group obtains a user’s consent; (iii) Lonza Group shares this information with its third party providers; (iv) Lonza Group is required by law or public policy to share this information; or (v) Lonza Group seeks to enforce its terms and conditions.

Lonza Group may, from time to time, share with third party information that contains non-personal information.

Lonza Group takes all reasonable measures to protect your personal information. Lonza Group does not sell, rent or trade any of your personal information to third parties. Personal information is not transferred to third parties unless provided for otherwise in this Privacy Policy.

For the purpose of sending e-mailings to you provided that you have subscribed to Lonza Group’s news updates on the website, Lonza Group may give your name and email address to agencies appointed by Lonza Group. These agencies are not authorized to store and/or use your personal information for any other purposes than for the sending of e-mailings. Lonza Group provides each user with not only access to a user’s personal information but also the means to update and/or delete this information (in accordance with law and Lonza Group’s terms and conditions). In the event that Lonza Group is unable to or cannot provide a user with the ability to update and/or delete a user’s personal information, Lonza Group will notify a user via email.

Without parent’s or guardian’s consent, no personal information should be submitted to our website by children. Lonza Group will not knowingly collect or use personal information from children.

Cookies, Server Logs, Retention, and Third Party Links
Upon a user accessing the Services, at least one cookie (a small data file) will be sent by Lonza Group or a third party to a user’s computer. This cookie allows Lonza Group or the third party to identify the user’s computer and internet browsing software in a unique way. These cookies allow Lonza Group and the third parties it uses to provide a more personalized experience for the user. Generally, the default for most internet browsers is to accept cookies. A user, however, may choose to change these settings to notify the user when a cookie is being sent or, alternatively, to refuse transmission/receipt of all cookies. It should be noted, however, that if a user refuses transmission/receipt of all cookies, a user’s experience using the Services may be significantly affected in a negative way and, perhaps, prohibit entirely the use of the Services. In short, if a user prohibits the transmission of its personal information, Lonza Group may not be able to provide its Services to that user. Moreover, if a user would like more information about this practice and to know a user’s choices about not having this information used by third parties, please contact us at privacyofficer@lonza.com.

When a user accesses Lonza Group’s website, the servers automatically record information provided by the user’s browser. Generally, this information is automatically provided by a user whenever a user accesses any website. This information, recorded in a server log, may a user’s particular information (including, without limitation, IP address, browser software, language, date/time of access and other information and/or cookies that will uniquely identify a user’s computer and the internet browser it is using). In an effort to protect its users, Lonza Group may also collect information about how a user uses the Services. This is designed to protect a user from unauthorized account activity, such as fraud or “phishing.” Additionally, whenever a user sends an email to Lonza Group, Lonza Group will retain that email so that Lonza Group can investigate and respond to your concerns.

On our webpage there may be links to webpages owned by third parties. This Privacy Policy does not apply to such webpages and Lonza Group expressly disclaims any responsibility for them.

Location of Servers
Generally, Lonza Group maintains all user’s personal information on servers in Switzerland. Lonza Group may transfer this information within the Lonza Group to one of our databases outside of Switzerland. Lonza Group may also store information with a third party in or outside Switzerland in encrypted form on secure servers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, from time to time, Lonza Group will analyze personal information for the benefit and in accordance with the direction of a third party (including third party ad suppliers).

Lonza Group will perform random self-audits in order to review its compliance with the Privacy Policy. Should you have any questions regarding this Policy and Lonza Group’s use and/or treatment of a user’s personal information contact Lonza Group at privacyofficer@lonza.com.

Upon receipt of an inquiry or complaint, Lonza Group will contact the user regarding the inquiry or complaint and take appropriate measures to address the user’s concerns. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us any time at privacyofficer@lonza.com.