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Arch Wood Seminar Promotes Wood Preservation in East Africa

7 July 2015, Port Shepstone – The East African wood preservation industry and it’s partner, Arch Wood Protection South Africa, have taken a giant leap forward in the promotion of quality treated timber in East Africa.

A seminar – ‘The Future of the Utility Pole in East Africa’ – was presented by the Tanalised™ team at Arch, together with the Kenyan Wood Preservers Association and local distributor Express Company Limited, on the 25th of June in Nairobi, Kenya with the vision to set in motion a series of steps to improve the quality of treated timber and ultimately increase the lifespan of utility poles.

Doug Sayce, General Manager of Arch Wood Protection South Africa, explains the decision behind the hosting of the seminar, “Wood preservation in East Africa is a dynamic and growing industry that plays a significant role in infrastructure projects, employment and economic growth in rural areas. There is therefore a need for the wood industry to ensure the continued and sustainable long-term growth of treated timber”.

The seminar was aimed at looking for ways to improve the quality of wood preservation treatment in East Africa, particularly the treatment of transmission poles. It focused on the timber treatment process and the importance of quality control in the treating plant environment, and also touched on the contentious issue around the perception that treated poles did not deliver the desired product life span. This provided a valuable opportunity for Arch to unveil some of the tools in its battery of resources to improve quality control.

The seminar was well attended by business owners, treatment plant managers, wood scientists, certification bodies and the end-users of treated poles. An important participant in the seminar was Annie Gatukui, the Supply […]

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Tan-Treat™ Gets The ‘Thumbs Up’ from Khulani Timbers

24 April 2015, Port Shepstone – Khulani Timber Industries, one of Limpopo’s longest established timber treatment operators, has given Arch Wood Protection’s Tan-Treat™ Quality Support System the ‘thumbs up’ for value-added savings and efficiency improvements.

Tan-Treat™, an integrated electronic record keeping system, forms an integral part of Arch’s commitment to build customer relationships through initiatives across the supply chain, and thereby add value that goes beyond treatment products. This philosophy formed the foundation during the early stages of Khulani and Arch’s longstanding relationship, when Arch undertook to commission a new Tanalith™ CCA treatment plant and planted the seed for the relationship to grow exponentially over the years.

Charl Gobetz, Technical Manager at Khulani Timber Industries, says that TanTreat™ has been a seamless integration into their stock taking system. “Stock reconciliation used to be a time consuming exercise, but with TanTreat™ we are now experiencing faster turn around times with the vital information at our fingertips,” explains Charl.

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Closer Global Collaboration Strengthens Arch Operations

5 March 2015, Port Shepstone – As part of the global market leaders in wood preservation, Arch Wood Protection South Africa has embraced a closer collaboration strategy with its UK and European counterparts. The vision is to take service delivery beyond the product boundaries and create a synergy that will benefit Arch customers across all platforms.

During a recent visit to South Africa, Business Director for the Arch Wood Protection European, Middle East and African markets, Tony Kelly, said that by forming closer ties on technical and sales operations, Arch would be able to broaden its commercial collaboration and product package offerings.

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Lonza Wood Protection Rebrands as Arch Wood Protection

Arch Wood Protection rgb

12 January, 2015, Port Shepstone – Following a strategic review of the South African market, an innovative re-branding strategy has been introduced to dispel any confusion as to the identity of the Lonza wood businesses.

Doug Sayce, General Manager of Arch Wood Protection South Africa, explained that when Lonza purchased the global Arch business in 2011, the company names of the various wood protection businesses remained unchanged, which created confusion on the South African platform. It was therefore decided that the Global operations would be re-branded as Arch Wood Protection from January 2015, and that the South African company name will remain unchanged as Arch Wood Protection (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

Sayce added, “This proactive and positive move will help unify all our global wood protection businesses around the world and provide a distinct and consistent focus in our various markets. Our successful customer focused business remains a key emphasis of the Lonza family and we move forward with Lonza’s continued support to develop exciting new opportunities, whilst remaining key innovators for our wood protection customers and markets”.

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Biligom® Presents A Revolutionary Industry Trend For Wood Preservation

August 12, 2014, Port Shepstone – The wood preservation and building timber industry is set to embark on a revolutionary new product, called Biligom® timber, that will pioneer a platform for entrepreneurial opportunities and job creation as well as to provide solutions to some of the industry’s commodity challenges.

Biligom® International (Pty) Ltd, a South African company, has developed and patented a way to manufacture Eucalyptus construction and building timber that complies with all requirements for ongoing technical and quality accreditation as demanded by the industry. Biligom® is currently in full production and will shortly be negotiating license agreements with interested parties who want to produce the product. Lonza Wood Protection has played an instrumental role in the design of the treatment plants for Biligom® timber, with the first Tanalith™ E plant already installed and in production near Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province.

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