Behind the tranquil scenery of the authentically African Leshoka Thabang Game Farm, just outside Roedtan in the Limpopo province, is a dedicated team of 22 who install an average length of 6km of fencing each month to ensure the safety and maintenance of one of Limpopo’s most beautiful tourist attractions. Quality treated poles that meet the stringent demands of varying terrain and soil conditions as well as the safety of the wildlife, is of the utmost importance to Leshoka Thabang Game Farm Owner, Johan van Zyl.

“Tanapole™ products are the perfect solution for all our fencing needs. They are robust, odourless and cleaner to work with. The aesthetically pleasing light green colour of Tanapole™ is also more visible to the wildlife, without being conspicuous within the natural habitat of our farm,” says Johan van Zyl.

Tanapole™ is treated with a combination of Tanalith™ C (CCA) wood preservative and Weatherwood™, a water repellent additive that stabilises the moisture content within the pole to reduce the impact of weathering and cracking. Weathering causes swelling and shrinking from exposure to wet and dry conditions and temperature changes, which in turn results in

cracking and greying. Used in the correct application, Tanalised™ wood preservation treatment provides reliable and long-term protection and in doing so, the performance of wood products is extended way beyond what nature intended.

“Ensure that the wooden poles you purchase are produced according to SANS 457(2) for Pine poles, or SANS 457 (3) for Eucalyptus (Gum) poles. These certifications can be identified by the ‘457’ mark on the nail plates or end plates. In addition they would need to be treated according to SANS 10005, The Preservative Treatment of Timber.  For more information on wood preservative treatment standards and industry practice, please refer to the South African Wood Preservers website at,” advises Gerard Busse, Marketing Manager, Lonza Wood Protection.

Charles van der Linde, Owner of VDL Pale in Polokwane, Limpopo Province and the supplier of poles to Leshoka Thabang Game Farm, concludes, “Quality, value for money and the peace-of-mind of a product that is backed by a 15-year Tanalised™ wood preservative treatment guarantee gives us confidence in being a major supplier of Tanapole™ products”.

Visit the website at for further information, including the full terms and conditions of the 15-year Tanalised™ wood preservative treatment guarantee.

Keep the Tanapole Flying High™ Vote for your favourite Tanapole story and go  into a draw for a Galaxy Note Tablet

Vote for your favourite Tanapole story and go into a draw for a Galaxy Note Tablet

Closing date: 20 March 2014

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