Arch Wood Protection (SA) (Pty) Limited, a Lonza company, is the first wood preservative manufacturer to launch a comprehensive Wood Preservative Treatment Guarantee Programme in South Africa in 2002 (the “Guarantee Programme”). The Guarantee Programme pertains to wood products that have been pressure treated with wood preservatives manufactured by Lonza Wood Protection, hereafter referred to as “the Company”. The Guarantee Programme is provided as a benefit to consumers on behalf of the Treaters who use the Company’s wood preservative products.

Registration of Guarantee

No Guarantee will be valid and enforceable, and you will not be entitled to make any claims against the Company in respect of the Guarantee unless you have registered your Guarantee as set out below, and it has been accepted in writing by the Company. The Guarantee must be registered within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase of the Product.


To be completed by the Consumer (purchaser and or owner of property where treated timber will be used) for the provision of the Guarantee by Arch Wood Protection (SA) (Pty) Ltd, a Lonza company, hereafter referred to as “the Company”.

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Tanalised® CTanalised® WeatherwoodVacsol® Azure®Tanalised® EDon’t know

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Please note that only Tanalised® and Vacsol® Azure wood preservative treated products are covered by the guarantee. If you are not able to provide information relating to the markings on the product, even if you bought your product from one of the dealers listed above, and/or if the product is not marked with the TAN® symbol, it will not fall within the guarantee and no claim under the guarantee will be accepted by the Company.

Please note that this guarantee is subject to standard terms and conditions, which you have been requested to read prior to completing this form. Refer to Guarantee Terms and Condition by clicking here

You are specifically alerted to the fact that the terms and conditions include provisions which limit the Company’s liability and require you to make acknowledgements of fact. Those clauses include: clause 4.2, clause 5, clause 6.4, clause 6.5, clause 6.6, clause 7, clause 8.1, clause 8.4, clause 9 and clause 11. By acknowledging that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that all of the above clauses have been specifically brought to your attention and that you have read and understood the implications of those clauses. If you do not understand the nature and effect of these clauses, please refer to the full Guarantee Terms and Conditions on this website.

I have read, and accept the terms and conditions applicable to the guarantee.

By clicking the send button, your Guarantee Application will be sent to Arch Wood Protection.

The Company will process the information and if all the relevant conditions have been fulfilled, will confirm your Guarantee in writing. No Guarantee will be valid unless accepted in writing by the Company

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